What are you waiting for?

Are you playing the waiting game? Waiting for something to happen or change before you can move your life forwards?

Waiting for an ex to get out of your hair? For money to come in? Divorce to be finalised? Move house? Find a job?  Someone else to have an epiphany and change?  Your soul mate to magically appear in your life? Win the lottery (wouldn’t that be nice!)?

Something, anything but whatever it is you are just waiting.You can see where you want to be but you simply can’t do anything about it.

I get it.  I’ve been there and quite frankly it wasn’t a comfortable place to be.  It feels like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I was pissed off more than I was happy. I was frustrated and I couldn’t understand why all the things I wanted were happening to people around me and yet not to me.

Life seemed so unfair.

And yes, I will admit I got jealous too.  Jealous of the friend who separated, divorced, found the love of her life and had a baby whilst I was still kissing a few random toads and trying to get my divorce finalised. Jealous of someone whose business took off whilst I was still working my backside off yet still counting every penny.  Angry with my ex for all the crappy things he said and did.   And a whole lot more.