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 Mentoring & Coaching

As an ILM accredited wellbeing coach with over 10 years experience, I like to blend my coaching with a variety of energy modalities and somatic techniques to help you create deeper and long lasting transformation and change.

By accessing subconscious beliefs, emotions, trauma and experiences, we uncover the hidden parts of you that so often unconsciously dictate current behaviours, situations, relationships and patterns.

Coaching is a process that is designed to help you create your own solutions and actions – it is not my role to tell you what to do but to help facilitate your own inner inquiry whilst also highlighting your blindspots, limited thinking or resistances.  My coaching is heart-centred, delivered with love and truth and will gently nourish your inner being as your outer self shifts and changes. 

My coaching is a truly holistic approach, focusing on your mind, body and soul – an open mind to spirituality and higher forms of consciousness is a key element of my work.  I also have more than 20 years experience in health and wellbeing in both practical terms and personal research and willingly share advice, guidance and recommendations as part of my offering.  

My coaching is only available in packages of a minimum of  6 sessions – change takes time, commitment and action.

If you are ready for healing, transformation and to embrace all of who you truly are, please book in a free connection call. 

Burnout, Chronic Fatigue & Long Covid Recovery


 As a qualified Chrysalis Effect Specialist Practitioner, I have worked in the field of chronic fatigue and burnout recovery for more than 10 years.  I have also cared for my son in his own recovery journey … from bed bound to climbing mountains … so I truly understand all that chronic exhaustive conditions bring.

Burning out is not a badge of honour, it’s a loud and clear signal from your body and your soul that something needs addressing … from high achieving, perfectionist, people pleasing patterns to trauma, unhealed emotions and day to day situations.

Using a combination of coaching, mentoring, somatic techniques and energy modalities I help you uncover and address the underlying causes, surface behaviours and contributing factors so that you can start to live life in a way that is so much more aligned to your true self.  Healing takes time and relearning … but the end result is worth it.

I am aided by a team of other specialists so that all the support you need comes from a dedicated group of practitioners who all understand fatigue and the recovery process.

I will work with you in a way that suits your energy, concentration and personal capacity – this might mean starting with really short sessions and gradually building up, the most important thing is to meet you where you at rather than follow a strict structure.

To arrange for free health review, please contact me using the form below.

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Healing & Energy Alignment

Whilst on many levels I am a natural healer, I use the term ‘healer’ with a proviso.  My role is to assist and empower you to facilitate your own healing, not for you to be passively ‘fixed’.

I will act as your guide, taking you into the inner depths of your unconscious mind to help unravel hidden beliefs, behaviours and experiences that impact your life in the here and now.  We also work on the issues already in your conscious awareness.

As an Energy Alignment Method (EAM) certified practitioner, I use this and a variety of modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping) to help you unearth what is buried in the subconscious.  Using these techniques we can reach far into your soul, including womb/birth issues, generational patterns, habits and trauma and even past lives.

As humans, we are energetic beings that carry more than just the experiences of this lifetime, much of which can keep us stuck, limited from reaching our highest potential or simply not in a state of flow.

EAM is also a great method of clearing the energy pathways within your body, helping release resistance to being in true flow and harmony with life.





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