The moment you start to change your inner world, your outer existence shifts too.

Everything starts and ends with you and the more you tap into your innate wisdom, power and connection with your true self, the easier and more magical life becomes.

Being true to yourself is not always easy, particularly if you have spent many years doing otherwise, conforming to pressure, expectations, other people’s values and all the ‘shoulds’.

It is time to step away from the person you have become and to discover the person you truly are.


As a spiritual coach, I blend deep and powerful energy work with holistic wellbeing coaching and conscious awareness.  Using various energy techniques, we easily tap into unknown beliefs, buried experiences, generational patterns and even past life experiences (although this is not regression work per se). 

Human beings carry so much more than just our own experiences of this lifetime.  Deep in your DNA are patterns of thoughts and behaviours passed down to you through your generational lineage; memories and beliefs stored from your time in the womb and birth; past life experiences and trauma still held in the energy of your soul …. all of this makes you who you are alongside your existence in this current body. 

The good news is that you do not have to hold on to it all any longer. 

Coaching creates freedom, focus, clarity and a lighter energy.  Coaching can move you towards your dreams and away from the shackles of your past.

Our coaching relationship is focused on creating a safe, trusting and open relationship.  My role is not to tell you what to do, I am here to facilitate self-enquiry, personal growth and development and to empower you to find the best solutions for you.

I am not here to save or rescue, I am here to invoke freedom and wisdom, build insight and to expand your consciousness to a new level. Working with me may well elicit spiritual awakening or enhance your spiritual growth …. Please be open to that side of my work.

I have worked with clients with a variety of issues ranging from PTSD and sexual trauma to simply craving a happier, more inspired and connected life.  It is all just energy. It is important that we have a natural connection before we work together so please book in a call to see if you are my soul client.

I contacted Su Winsbury who in two sessions had totally changed my life. I am over that hump now and feel ready to take charge and lead myself to where I feel I need to be. I feel calm, I feel happy, I feel excited for the future. It’s just so incredible the work Su does. I can highly recommend having energy healing. I totally feel back to my old self but even better. I have found me again without all that negative stuff people ingrain into you.

Lesley Wren

Working with Su was so refreshing and easy. She helped me realise I was struggling with
burnout and she helped me prioritise what I wanted to do from a heart centred place.

I am now less anxious and burnt out and want to work on staying in my heartfelt bubble. I would highly recommend working with Su.

Sallie Eddie Edwards

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