Leading With Love




This small group programme is a one-year immersion for women who are ready to truly lead themselves from a place of love, embodiment, authority, and connection.


We have been so conditioned by patriarchy to compete, achieve, thrive and do all the things but to the detriment of our innate connection to who we are. This is a true reclamation of our unique power, potency and inner leadership. How we lead ourselves is how we lead others.

Leading with Love

Leading with love comes from a place of strength, wisdom, compassion, boundaries and deep trust in ourselves. A trust that most of us have unwittingly lost.

Leading with Love is a reclamation of your true self, your inherent womanly wisdom, your soul wholeness and your ability to become all of you with confidence, commitment to your wellness and an adieu to patriarchal control, manipulation and bs.‌

The 12 month small group programme will consist of self study content, monthly live teachings and a monthly Q&A.‌

This is for the woman who is done with feeling wrung out, stretched in all directions and unfulfilled. You will have already embraced personal change and healing to some level and now be ready for more.

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