Energy Alignment Method

This is your chance to step away from feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed and into a new way of living – living in flow, living authentically and feeling fully aligned to all that you can be.

“[I feel] definite shifts – I feel calmer, peaceful, self assured, almost like something has been stripped away? Reborn? Maybe not reborn but a new feeling of being me? I am different – it’s hard to explain but other people have noticed”.

What is The Energy Alignment Method?

This powerful energy healing process combines energy psychology with universal laws, quantum physics, neuroscience and eastern spiritual principles.  EAM is a speedy modality that will help you uncover what has been getting in the way of you forging ahead with your life and help you create lasting transformation and change.

How Does it Work?

We are all made of energy and carry the energy of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and experiences within our energetic field.  EAM enables us to tap  into your  energy and subconscious to reveal what is going on below the surface of your conscious mind as well as unveiling hidden facets such as generational patterns, past lives and more.  Using a simple 5-step process, we release those resistant elements and align to your new future and more positive future.

As one of the first 50 Energy Alignment Method Mentors in the world I have received in depth training from the creator Yvette Taylor.  Consequently I know  how effective it is in creating a coherent energy state and the changes I have experienced in my own life.

You can use EAM in any area of your life from business to relationships, health, mindset, beliefs or finances.  I love using this process combined with coaching and intuition to create  truly transformational change.

Thank you from my heart for the energy alignment experience that you guided me through, it was utterly profound. I learned so much about my life.

Thank you for enabling the cleansing of my energy. I have never experienced anything quite like that before. The only word that comes close to describing it is powerful. I feel I have been released from so many constraints that have chained me down. I feel that I really will be embarking on a lighter, brighter more authentic future and I am excited. All my love to you and bless you for the work that you do to help others. You are amazing”


90 minute EAM Session:  In person  (West Sussex) or on-line via Zoom  £150

Package of 3 x 90 minute EAM sessions: In person (West Sussex) or on-line via Zoom: £400

VIP Day:

Dedicate this day entirely to you and your personal growth. We will spend 5 hours together at a beautiful venue in West Sussex.  It’s your chance to take a really deep dive into you, your energy and whatever is preventing you from stepping into your full flow and authentic power. £850 including a delicious lunch.

Are you ready for to transform your life?  Let’s chat …

Before booking, please schedule a  call with me so that I can understand where you are in your life and business. This will ensure we can save time during your session.

It will only take 15 minutes and you can book in here: