Energetic Business Mastery is here

Chances are that you have found your way to this page because you have a big dream of creating transformation in the world yet despite all your best efforts and intentions,  it’s not quite happening.

Deep in your heart and soul you absolutely know that you have a mission to fulfil, incredible gifts to share and a purpose that you can’t escape from.

Energetic Business Mastery is here to take you from feeling stuck, stressed, on the verge of burnout and about to give up on your big dream to mastering the energy that will help you transform your business in a way that feels really good and makes your soul sing.

I know how it feels when you just want to be working the magic that you know you are here to do yet despite following all the blueprints and strategies that promised to lead you to the holy grail of success and abundance, it’s still not happening.  And so the self doubt creeps in, you feel that those close to you doubt you’ve really got it in you and every day is a new day to scoop yourself up and get back on track again.

The answer is Energetic Business Mastery – the vital missing piece that is overlooked in so many other programmes.  It’s hugely powerful and will change both you and your business so that you can work in harmony and in complete alignment.

Here’s will you gain from this high vibrational programme:

– You will clear your energy fields and those of your business so that you don’t have any lingering resistant energy that is keeping you stuck and frustrated

–  You will peel through your own hidden blockages and mindset issues and reveal what is really going on in your subconscious regarding money, relationships & beliefs so that they are no longer getting in your way and triggering fear, procrastination and pesky beliefs. It’s time to  shine your light in the world

– You will discover whether generational and past life patterns are keeping success and abundance away from you …. and learn how to release them from your energy

– You will get clarity on your soul client (note, this is not the usual ICA approach) and how to create energetic and magnetic connections

– You will create powerful and congruent energetic alignment with your business, your messaging and marketing to that you can grow with ease and flow rather than pressure and stress

–  You will understand the traits of your underlying shadow archetype and transform them into their power aspects so you feel strong, empowered and truly read to show up in the world

Energetic Business Mastery is a 10 week programme supported by weekly group coaching calls and a private Facebook group so that you can evolve in a loving, nurtured and high vibe community (with some kick ass coaching to keep you on track).   Spaces are limited to keep the group intimate.

As we edge towards 2020 with another shift in vibration and awakening, energy mastery is going to become even more potent and essential element to any conscious business.

We start on 25th November.  The Earlybird offer is £999 for sign ups before 11/11/19.  The price then rises to £1111.  A 3-month payment plan is available.

“This lady is literally a life saver. She has supported, nurtured, encouraged, challenged and listened. She is intuitive and honest, kind and professional. She has given me new tools and direction that I struggled to see for my business, and indeed my soul. I would without any hesitation recommend her with all my heart.” Lorraine Sinyard

“Su was calm, insightful and helpful at a time of change and indecision in my life.  She was able to offer sound advice and managed to be supportive yet gently challenging and pushing me at the same time – just perfect!  She enabled me to move forwards from my own personal stalemate and now I am pleased to say I am happily enjoying the journey along the road of my own choosing – now working with teenagers to help them reduce their anxiety and stress.  Thank you Su!” Morag Warrack

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This is your time to uplevel.  Let me show you the way,

Su x .