How Do You Treat Your Business?

I have always loved my business.

But I haven’t always been loving towards it.





I made many demands on it, got frustrated and impatient, saw its weaknesses without appreciating its strengths and commitment.

No wonder it didn’t live up to my expectations all the time … or provide what I was asking for.

Your business has a vibrational frequency and energy of its own. It’s not a thing, it’s a being.

It’s not there just to provide to your every whim and desire with just a mere token nod of gratitude or appreciation every now and then.

It’s not there to be pushed, pulled or squeezed into exhaustion, co-erced or manipulated.

And nor are you.

The relationship you cultivate with your business requires you to be in total energetic alignment with it … every thought, belief, action and more.

That in itself requires you to be in total alignment with yourself – it goes deeper than mindset, it reaches deep into the heart of you.

Your business requires the most deeply connected, trusting, devoted and harmonious partnership.

It wants to be the King to your Queen.

And then it will provide.

In abundance.


Burnout is a Sure Fire Sign You Are Out of Alignment

Burning out is a loud and clear signal that you are not living or working in alignment with your heart and soul.

Pushing on through, driving yourself harder, trying to prove your worth to yourself and others, pleasing everyone else apart from yourself and trying to meet those incredibly high expectations only you have set for you … it’s not the way.

You might be able to repeat the patterns time and time again, ignoring those warning signs your body is trying to give you.

But it won’t carry on like that for ever.

One day your body will make you stop and listen.

Fully, completely and without compromise.

It’s a harsh and powerful lesson and yet one that also brings many gifts.

Pushing, hustling hard, working endlessly all takes you out of alignment with your business.

It stifles your intuition, your creativity, your joy … and your physical body.

And having been a chronic fatigue recovery specialist for many years, I promise that burnout is not a badge of honour, a symbol of success or something you can get over in a couple of days.

I can also promise that there is a very different way to create success, abundance and real change in the world.

It’s based on your truth, your value and your personal energy.

It’s based on creating a trusting, harmonious and loving relationship with yourself and your business.

It’s based on ease, inner wisdom, support and alignment.

Please don’t burn yourself out. It’s not worth it. You are worth more. And so is your business.

Yes, I can definitely help you recover from burnout – I understand it inside out and upside down.

But I would far rather help you expand your business into one that is abundant, successful and truly transformational in a way that is totally aligned with you, your heart and soul.

With love,

The Energy Queen.