The way forward is Love

Deep in my soul I have always known that the world would go through a huge transition.
Since childhood I have just had a knowing that old structures would crumble and fall to make way for a world based more on love than fear, on community rather than division, on unity and support rather than control and hierarchy.
Never did I envisage that my heart would break so many times in the process.
The illusion of freedom today is partnered with abuse, coercion, discrimination and blackmail.
Along with many others, I have been accused of being selfish and ridiculed for trying to protect freedom of choice.
Yet we see a big picture and the game being played out.
We know things most of us would rather not … but we can’t un-know them.
And yes, we speak with passion because it truly comes from a place of love.
Love and compassion for those who are still cast in the spell.
It is a love that knows no bounds and that is the frequency of the new paradigm.
We are ready to sacrifice the old normal, to be ostracised from going to places we once enjoyed because we are prepared to stand in love and protect our freedom and yours right to the very end.
Choice is a freedom.
Every day my heart feels like it has been cracked open a bit more and every day I remember what my soul came here to do… and I fill myself with more love, deeper connection to Source and trust.
Love is the only way forward.

Facing my Shadows

This week has been pretty intense and challenging on a personal level.

There have been some wonderful highs as my business is uplevelling with a passion and energy like never before.

There have also been some acute lows as I’ve been called out on quite a few of my shadows and I’ve had to face some pretty shitty aspects of myself.

It was easy to slip into negativity – poor me, it’s not my fault, I don’t want to take responsibility for my thoughts and actions … and on the train of thought could have gone, gaining momentum and speed if allowed.

We all have those moments no matter how much energy work we do, how spiritual, heart-centred and connected we are or how beautiful our soul is.

This is the human.

The gift and growth comes from acknowledging and confronting these aspects.

Drilling down to the heart of the trigger, the belief, the thought, feeling or emotion and facing it head on.

Moving it through our energy field and out. Expelling, ejecting, rejecting, releasing.

There is no reason why we hold on to the inner shitstorms other than the reluctance of our ego to let go, the resistance of our subconscious to go into unchartered waters and a ridiculous fear of freedom.

So I am grateful for a difficult week.

I am truly thankful for all the dark aspects of myself I have been shown.

I am indebted to the tools and techniques I have invested in to empower me to change my energy, transform my inner world and continue to create this momentum for myself and others.

We all have magic inside.

We all have the inner power, gifts and ability to transform the murky waters into clean, sparkling rivers.

We are all energetic beings in a human body.

The Responsibility Is With You, and Me

In a world where fear, anxiety, distortion, manipulation and censorship are becoming the normal like never before, we each have a responsibility to ourselves and each other.

Responsibility to maintain your integrity, vibration and frequency at the highest level.

Responsibility to question every thought and belief and see how it is serving you and the world.

Responsibility to open your eyes, ears and mind.

Responsibility to go deep within, confront your shadowy inner world and deal with it.

Responsibility to see beyond the illusion of yourself and the wider world.

Responsibility to see the mirror you hold to yourself every single time you judge, criticise, condemn or are intolerant of someone else’s view.

Responsibility to become more loving, more gracious, more accepting, more open to other points of view.

Responsibility to love yourself first and foremost.

Responsibility to honour your divine spirit within.

We are all connected.

That person you think is deluded, selfish, a conspiracy theorist or a control freak is still connected to you.

That person you spew hate and venom towards contains an aspect of you.

That person you deride is a reflection of you.

Take responsibility for yourself and your inner world now.

We all need to be raising the frequency, holding more love and understanding for each other. Not hating and despising.

I’m handing the baton of responsibility to each and every one of you.

Use it well.

It’s Time to Rise

What will happen if you keep hiding your spiritual connection, beliefs or intuition in your business?

What will happen if you continue to fear being judged or criticised for your beliefs, beliefs which are actually a fundamental part of you?

What will happen if you keep denying your soul its’ greatest expression and desire?

What will happen if you allow those ancient witch wounds to keep you small and afraid for yet another lifetime?

I get it, fully owning that side of you can be pretty uncomfortable at first.

I know I used to tone down that side of me.

I worried about being too ‘out there’, too quirky or not being liked (massive shadow!).

I would always test the water with a client first, just to get a sense if they would be open to something more spiritual.

And I always felt that only half of me was truly present in my work.

I wasn’t fully expressing me.

It’s very unsatisfying.

It’s living a lie.

And it’s actually denying your soul clients the real opportunity of connecting with you.

Because if you are hiding, you are cutting off the magnetic pull of your clients being able to find you.

That’s selfish.

Think of all the lives you could change if you owned your magic, your gifts, your intuition, your beautiful out there weirdness which you know isn’t weird at all.

Imagine how you would feel.

Imagine how your business would feel.

Imagine how much the world would benefit right now.

It’s time to RISE. Time to answer the calling. Time to honour your soul and your true reason for being here right now in this lifetime.


Meet Stanley

Meet Stanley.

I had the delight of meeting him on my yoga retreat in Greece last year.

Stanley was a handsome stray who had become very attached to where we were staying.

Stanley gave and demanded love in equal measure.

He was courageous and persistent, never giving up and occasionally seizing the opportunity to nip into the kitchen to thieve a morsel if he could.

If we walked to the nearby village, Stanley would loyally escort us across the beach and then wait until our return, calling us back in with his loud miaow welcome.

He sat patiently with us during our yoga sessions, giving us the time to commit to our mind and body in exchange for some love afterwards.

Stanley was the epitome of masculine energy.

Your business would love to be like Stanley if you would allow yourself to fully embrace your divine feminine in return.

The relationship you have with your business is just that …. it is a relationship, a committed partnership.

It requires love, respect, attention, TRUST and a finely tuned, purified energetic balance.

It requires standards, boundaries, honesty and connection.

It won’t thrive on shaky foundations, flaky commitment and sloppy standards. That’s not what success and abundance are drawn to.

Are you committed?


The Fly in The Room

Have you ever watched a fly in a room?

I’ve noticed that when there are windows at each end of the room, a fly will repeatedly move between them, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, bashing itself against the glass time and time again.

And even when the window is opened, it can take much persuasion for it to realise it can actually fly through it and out to freedom.

And how many times do we do that in life too.

Repeating the same patterns with no reward or success, feeling trapped and frustrated and not even noticing the open invitation to fly to freedom.

What if you opened yourself to the possibilities beyond that open window?

What if you dared to fly through?

It only takes one decision.

One decision to commit.

One decision to fly to freedom, to new possibilities, to seeing beyond what you have always done before.

One decision to commit to you.

Actually that is the only decision.

And that is often the hardest one to take.

True and total commitment to yourself first and foremost.

Have you made that one decision?