About Me

Welcome, it’s lovely to meet you.   I see you.

It took me many years of evolving to reach this point, constantly searching, learning and changing.  And I know it doesn’t need to take you so long!

As a teenager I had a real interest in energy – I used to read books about the paranormal and spiritual experiences (there wasn’t a lot around in the 80’s to be honest!) and I always had a deep sense of knowing that there was more to us than this human shell.  But I had nowhere and no-one to help me develop this so it went on the back-burner for a few years.

Fast forward past a career in PR and marketing, being a stay-at-home mum to my two sons and a failing marriage, I stumbled into a short course on energy healing.  It felt like coming home, it was exactly where I was meant to be.

After my marriage fell apart in spectacular fashion, I felt like nothing more than an empty shell.  I had no confidence or self worth and was emotionally broken.  Yet as a mum and with a buried stubborn streak, I knew I had no choice than to look on the time as an opportunity to grow, evolve and bring my true self into the world.

And through this, I learned that we really do have immense power inside.  Our mind, body and soul are all interconnected, not separate.  We are made of energy and everything we do, think, experience is also made of energy.  We all have divine power inside and inner mastery truly is the only game we are here to play.

I have innate inner wisdom, claircognizance and finely tuned intuition so I am able to see way beyond the surface.  I know I am here to help raise the vibration of the planet and assist with the shifting tide of consciousness.

And in the form of a spiritual life and business coach, I am here to help you evolve and play the bigger game.