The way forward is Love

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Deep in my soul I have always known that the world would go through a huge transition.
Since childhood I have just had a knowing that old structures would crumble and fall to make way for a world based more on love than fear, on community rather than division, on unity and support rather than control and hierarchy.
Never did I envisage that my heart would break so many times in the process.
The illusion of freedom today is partnered with abuse, coercion, discrimination and blackmail.
Along with many others, I have been accused of being selfish and ridiculed for trying to protect freedom of choice.
Yet we see a big picture and the game being played out.
We know things most of us would rather not … but we can’t un-know them.
And yes, we speak with passion because it truly comes from a place of love.
Love and compassion for those who are still cast in the spell.
It is a love that knows no bounds and that is the frequency of the new paradigm.
We are ready to sacrifice the old normal, to be ostracised from going to places we once enjoyed because we are prepared to stand in love and protect our freedom and yours right to the very end.
Choice is a freedom.
Every day my heart feels like it has been cracked open a bit more and every day I remember what my soul came here to do… and I fill myself with more love, deeper connection to Source and trust.
Love is the only way forward.
Su Winsbury



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