The Responsibility Is With You, and Me

by | Nov 7, 2020 | 0 comments

In a world where fear, anxiety, distortion, manipulation and censorship are becoming the normal like never before, we each have a responsibility to ourselves and each other.

Responsibility to maintain your integrity, vibration and frequency at the highest level.

Responsibility to question every thought and belief and see how it is serving you and the world.

Responsibility to open your eyes, ears and mind.

Responsibility to go deep within, confront your shadowy inner world and deal with it.

Responsibility to see beyond the illusion of yourself and the wider world.

Responsibility to see the mirror you hold to yourself every single time you judge, criticise, condemn or are intolerant of someone else’s view.

Responsibility to become more loving, more gracious, more accepting, more open to other points of view.

Responsibility to love yourself first and foremost.

Responsibility to honour your divine spirit within.

We are all connected.

That person you think is deluded, selfish, a conspiracy theorist or a control freak is still connected to you.

That person you spew hate and venom towards contains an aspect of you.

That person you deride is a reflection of you.

Take responsibility for yourself and your inner world now.

We all need to be raising the frequency, holding more love and understanding for each other. Not hating and despising.

I’m handing the baton of responsibility to each and every one of you.

Use it well.

Su Winsbury



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