It’s Time to Rise

by | Nov 7, 2020 | 0 comments

What will happen if you keep hiding your spiritual connection, beliefs or intuition in your business?

What will happen if you continue to fear being judged or criticised for your beliefs, beliefs which are actually a fundamental part of you?

What will happen if you keep denying your soul its’ greatest expression and desire?

What will happen if you allow those ancient witch wounds to keep you small and afraid for yet another lifetime?

I get it, fully owning that side of you can be pretty uncomfortable at first.

I know I used to tone down that side of me.

I worried about being too ‘out there’, too quirky or not being liked (massive shadow!).

I would always test the water with a client first, just to get a sense if they would be open to something more spiritual.

And I always felt that only half of me was truly present in my work.

I wasn’t fully expressing me.

It’s very unsatisfying.

It’s living a lie.

And it’s actually denying your soul clients the real opportunity of connecting with you.

Because if you are hiding, you are cutting off the magnetic pull of your clients being able to find you.

That’s selfish.

Think of all the lives you could change if you owned your magic, your gifts, your intuition, your beautiful out there weirdness which you know isn’t weird at all.

Imagine how you would feel.

Imagine how your business would feel.

Imagine how much the world would benefit right now.

It’s time to RISE. Time to answer the calling. Time to honour your soul and your true reason for being here right now in this lifetime.


Su Winsbury



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