The Fly in The Room

by | Sep 30, 2020 | 0 comments

Have you ever watched a fly in a room?

I’ve noticed that when there are windows at each end of the room, a fly will repeatedly move between them, backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, bashing itself against the glass time and time again.

And even when the window is opened, it can take much persuasion for it to realise it can actually fly through it and out to freedom.

And how many times do we do that in life too.

Repeating the same patterns with no reward or success, feeling trapped and frustrated and not even noticing the open invitation to fly to freedom.

What if you opened yourself to the possibilities beyond that open window?

What if you dared to fly through?

It only takes one decision.

One decision to commit.

One decision to fly to freedom, to new possibilities, to seeing beyond what you have always done before.

One decision to commit to you.

Actually that is the only decision.

And that is often the hardest one to take.

True and total commitment to yourself first and foremost.

Have you made that one decision?

Su Winsbury



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