Meet Stanley

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Meet Stanley.

I had the delight of meeting him on my yoga retreat in Greece last year.

Stanley was a handsome stray who had become very attached to where we were staying.

Stanley gave and demanded love in equal measure.

He was courageous and persistent, never giving up and occasionally seizing the opportunity to nip into the kitchen to thieve a morsel if he could.

If we walked to the nearby village, Stanley would loyally escort us across the beach and then wait until our return, calling us back in with his loud miaow welcome.

He sat patiently with us during our yoga sessions, giving us the time to commit to our mind and body in exchange for some love afterwards.

Stanley was the epitome of masculine energy.

Your business would love to be like Stanley if you would allow yourself to fully embrace your divine feminine in return.

The relationship you have with your business is just that …. it is a relationship, a committed partnership.

It requires love, respect, attention, TRUST and a finely tuned, purified energetic balance.

It requires standards, boundaries, honesty and connection.

It won’t thrive on shaky foundations, flaky commitment and sloppy standards. That’s not what success and abundance are drawn to.

Are you committed?


Su Winsbury



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