How Do You Treat Your Business?

by | Sep 30, 2020 | 0 comments

I have always loved my business.

But I haven’t always been loving towards it.





I made many demands on it, got frustrated and impatient, saw its weaknesses without appreciating its strengths and commitment.

No wonder it didn’t live up to my expectations all the time … or provide what I was asking for.

Your business has a vibrational frequency and energy of its own. It’s not a thing, it’s a being.

It’s not there just to provide to your every whim and desire with just a mere token nod of gratitude or appreciation every now and then.

It’s not there to be pushed, pulled or squeezed into exhaustion, co-erced or manipulated.

And nor are you.

The relationship you cultivate with your business requires you to be in total energetic alignment with it … every thought, belief, action and more.

That in itself requires you to be in total alignment with yourself – it goes deeper than mindset, it reaches deep into the heart of you.

Your business requires the most deeply connected, trusting, devoted and harmonious partnership.

It wants to be the King to your Queen.

And then it will provide.

In abundance.


Su Winsbury



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