Why everything changes when you love yourself

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At the heart of all I do and teach is the simple ethos that when we love ourselves, everything changes.  And I mean EVERYTHING!

Our attitude and thoughts about who we are, our confidence and self belief, our behaviour and most of all, our relationships with everyone else – they all shift when we learn how to love who we are.  We also project a different energetic vibration which attracts much more of the good stuff into our lives.

So when someone recently asked the question ‘How do I know if I love myself?’, I thought what a perfect thing to share with you.

Thinking about you right now, can you honestly say that you love yourself?  What does that question bring up for you?

Let’s get one thing straight before we go any further. The self love I’m talking about is nothing at all to do with ego, arrogance, selfishness or narcissistic behaviour.  It is a gentle, caring, nurturing love that is right at the very core of you and you absolutely deserve to feel it.

So here are some of the ways you know you love yourself:

* You know what your values are and you make sure you honour them
* You are committed to doing what makes you happy
* You do not need anyone else to make you feel happy, validated or complete.  Other people are like the icing on the cake.
* You feel happy on the inside
* You are confident being who you are and you like that person for all her strengths as well as her weaknesses, vulnerabilities and quirky ways
* You feel comfortable in your own company
* You are confident saying no to other people when you don’t want to do something
* Your inner voice speaks kindly to you and is forgiving
* You have distanced or removed yourself from toxic or negative people
* You just know!

If you don’t feel like you love yourself right now, that’s ok.  Often we aren’t brought up that way.  Make today the one to start changing things, to be kinder to you and to fall in love with who you really are.

Not only will you feel happier, more complete and ‘you’, I am pretty sure your relationships will change and your life will start getting a whole lot better!

Su Winsbury



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