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Su Winsbury

Welcome, conscious rebels, spiritual leaders and change makers


I have a vision and a soul calling to create real transformation and change in the world. 

And I know you have too. You are not here by accident.  

During this time of ascension and spiritual expansion, deep in your heart you know you are meant  to be truly walking your talk and creating an impact driven by integrity, heart and ethics.

It is time for you to finally embody your true self and show up as the confident, connected and empowered leader you know your soul is here to express.

It is time to ditch the hustle, incongruence and stress, pull yourself back from the edge of burnout and start living your life in authenticity, energetic alignment and divine expression. 


I am Su Winsbury, The Energy Queen, and I want you to become the master of your own energy – physical, emotional and spiritual.





My mission is to empower you

to embrace your true soul potential

and embody new levels of alignment, freedom and divine consciousness.

I’m guessing that’s what lights you up too?


You know you are here to make an impact yet somehow the life you desire is still eluding you.

You’ve tried all the strategies and blueprints to no avail, something is still not quite clicking into place.


Welcome to your next level.


I am here to help you grow your business with more ease, connection, soul and in total alignment with your unique energy.

There is no one size fits all strategy because we are not all one size.

The best strategy is the one that is aligned with you.  

My Programmes

Business Without Burnout

This 5 module self study programme introduces you to the basics of my deeper 1-2-1 programme.

You will learn about the personality traits and behaviours that lead to burnout, how to spot the warning signs and how to start building your business with more ease, flow and alignment.

The training includes a step by step guide to the Energy Alignment Technique and the key steps to using this within your business so that you can create abundance from a place that feels good for your soul. 

Business Without Burnout is just £111. Click here to purchase 

Energetic Business Mastery

Energetic Business Mastery is a 3 month 1-2-1 programme which will empower you to build a more abundant, impactful and aligned business.  Old paradigm strategies based on someone else’s dictate no longer work – the way forward is to work with your energy, your soul and your unique and personal blueprint.

Magical Business Mastery takes you deep into your subconscious to fine tune all the known and unknown beliefs, behaviours and energetics that are keeping you and your business stuck. You will discover how and where you are disconnected with yourself and your business, how to create deep soul alignment and to open up the portals of abundance, success and wealth.

Apply here to work with me

Right now you are ready to commit to yourself, to sift through your inner world and connect
with your true potential so that you can enjoy the success, wealth and happiness you know
is yours for the taking. If that’s you, let’s talk.

I promise you a no-fluff, no BS approach to energy, spirituality and your personal growth. I
will support and guide you whilst also calling out your hidden blindspots with love and

There is no more time for hiding, your time is right now gorgeous one.

And your mission is too important to abandon.